Sunday, December 28, 2014

Why would you pay for something that you can get for free?

Hey Folks -

As promised (or threatened), I've finished the first volume of my e-book "I'm Rubber, You're Glue" which reflects the same time period represented in this blog.  So why would or should you buy the book, when you've read everything here for free?  I'll tell you:

1.) It isn't just a copy/paste job.  By transforming my experiences into a coherent story, there is a flow like any good book and I hope that you'll not just read the chapters that interest you, but the entire story.  Yes, some of the information I included in this blog is NOT in the book an vice verse.  They are the same and they are different.

2.) You can keep it with you.  You don't have to go to my blog and go through the postings.  You get the .pdf and you can read it on your device whenever you want without needing an Internet connection.

3.) You're helping me move ahead.  This sounds crappy of me, but it does take time to write all of this down and I have a HUGE job ahead of me covering the years between PUMPKINHEAD and JURASSIC PARK (which is the next book).  By buying the book for a paltry $15 - you make it possible for me to continue writing.

4.) When you buy books 2 & 3, you're going to want book 1 anyway.  Why wait?

5.) I'm putting together a dedicated/watermarked photo gallery that early buyers will get access to before the readers of the edited book.

I hope that you aren't disappointed by this turn of events.  My plan is to finish all three books and then over time, come back and revisit this blog with EXTRAS that I could not include in the book because of length limitations.

The unedited version of the book is available until January 22, 2015 and then it will go off of the market to be replaced by a SHORTER version of the book designed to appeal to a wider audience. You can buy the unedited version at Gumroad here:

Thanks again for being such devoted blog readers, I hope I can transform you all into devoted e-book readers.

Happy Holidays, Happy New Year,

Shannon Shea