Sunday, April 27, 2014

To My VERY Valued Blog Readers:

Hello Folks -

I have to appeal to your sense of understanding when I say that even though I've been posting for years now, I still don't get the hang of all of the comments, advertising, etc associated with blogging.  I've done my best but I'm sure it could have been better.  That said, I want you all to know how much I appreciate your comments and your continued support and interest.

So this is where I give you the good news/bad news:

BAD NEWS: I think I'm going to discontinue this blog.  Now before you get angry with me, let me explain.  As you can, no doubt, tell, it takes me quite a while to sit down, scan photos, write up the chapters, etc. and time is money and I have very little of both these days.  I really did start this blog for my memory (because I, too, used many exotic materials in my youth and there's no telling what kind of long-range damage was done) - I wanted to get it all down before I forgot it.  So the problem is, how can I continue doing this without going deeper and deeper into debt.  Here's my solution:

GOOD NEWS: I'm going to publish a set of e-books.  Now again, before you start torching me, calling me names, etc. each volume is going to be priced @ $9.50 - I'm asking for less than $10 for my story, my photos, and my home videos.  That isn't TOO much to ask!  That's skipping Starbucks for less than a week and you'll get more stories (not just a cheap re-printing of this blog), more photos, more video, more of everything. 

The First Volume entitled "I'm Rubber, You're Glue" will start with my Monster-Childhood and extend to PREDATOR.  That means all of the movies you've been reading about in this blog will be covered a bit more and I'll post a page of photos that only YOU will have access to as a book-buyer.  AND, there's no waiting for the book to be printed, etc.   You can keep in on your hard drive, your i-pad, tablet, phone, however you read an e-book. 

The Second Volume will be "I'm STILL Rubber, You're STILL Glue" and it will span the years between PUMPKINHEAD and JURASSIC PARK! You'll hear stories about DANCES WITH WOLVES, LEVIATHAN, CHILD'S PLAY II and have access to photos and video.

The Third Volume will be "I'm ALWAYS Rubber, You're ALWAYS Glue" and will start with my years at KNB EFX GROUP working on XENA/HERCULES up to working with Rick Baker on MEN IN BLACK III!!!  So many fun stories, behind the scenes photos and video, and each book for less than $10.

I really want this all to work so I'm hoping for your support.  PLEASE let me know if I have it by sending a message here in this blog.  If you think I'm being a jerk, let me know that too and I'll abandon the project.

In any case, thanks so much for everything thus far.  Your attention and interest keeps me going and I have SO MUCH to share with you all!

Shannon Shea