Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sorry For The Inconvenience!

Dear Friends,

I just wanted to write a short note of apology.  FIRST PERSON MONSTER HISTORY will return next week, July 27, 2011 with new stories! My laptop has suffered a physical trauma (broken lid hinge) and I'm waiting for news of its repair.  With any luck, I'll receive it at the end of the week and I'll post twice next week to make up for time lost.  Thanks so much for your interest and support.  In the weeks to come, I'll be covering work on: FROM BEYOND, ALIENS (miniature unit), STAR TREK IV: The Voyage Home, EVIL DEAD II, and so much more!  Now is your chance to catch up on your reading and I'll see you soon!

Shannon Shea
First Person Monster Blog

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  1. great to hear you will be back with more stories. I am really enjoying these please keep them coming